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Five advantages of polyurethane composite board

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The use of polyurethane composite boards has become more and more widespread. It is also increasingly popular with people. What advantages does it have? The following Xiao Bian to everyone to introduc
The use of polyurethane composite boards has become more and more widespread. It is also increasingly popular with people. What advantages does it have? The following Xiao Bian to everyone to introduce its advantages. The
1, the unique impermeability
Pu hard foam is a dense structure microcellular foam, with a closed cell rate of over 92%. It has a smooth, self-skinning, and is an excellent impervious material. Direct spray forming technology is used during construction to make Pu hard foam layer unsuccessful. The overall integrity of the seam is impervious to water and fundamentally eliminates the possibility of deep penetration of the roof water along the seam. The Pu hard foam layer can be firmly bonded to the base layer, and its bonding strength can exceed the tear strength of the foam itself, so that the Pu hard foam is integrated with the base layer, the delamination is not easy to occur, and the penetration of water along the layers is avoided. These features are not available in many waterproofing membranes. Therefore, the waterproof function of Pu hard foam is unique.
2, heat insulation, heat preservation performance, energy saving effect is remarkable
Pu hard foam has a low thermal conductivity, and the heat insulation and heat insulation effects are incomparable to any other roof insulation material. The use of Pu hard foam as a waterproof and heat-insulating roof in general residential buildings is only one-third the thickness of conventional materials, and the thermal resistance is nearly three times that of their counterparts.
3, roof load light.
Due to its small density and light weight, Pu hard foam has a light load on the roof and loads above the roof support plate. Pu hard bubble roofing is a quarter of traditional roofing practices. This is very important for improving the overall structure of the house and reducing the cost of the project. More suitable for large span, thin shell roof construction.
4, construction is convenient and the progress of the project is fast
Pu hard foam roof is an on-site foam molding, with simple process equipment, easy operation, can be sprayed or poured, can be used in any complex roof construction operations, usually the construction is carried out by 3-4 people, can spray more than 20 cubic meters per day, according to The thickness of the sprayed layer is 30mm, which can spray more than 700 square meters per day, which is ten times higher than the laying of traditional materials. It also reduces the labor intensity, improves the working environment, and reduces the environmental pollution. Pu hard foam liquid raw materials on-site foaming expansion volume of 15-18 times, so the amount of raw material transport is small. According to statistics, the cost of vehicle transportation can be reduced by more than 80% compared with the use of traditional materials, and the workload of vertical transport squads is also greatly reduced at the construction site.
5. Good project quality and long service life
The excellent water impermeability, heat insulation and light weight properties of Pu rigid foam have laid the foundation for high-quality roofing projects. After Pu hard foam spraying is completed, a layer of polymer synthetic paint is sprayed on the Pu hard foam, which not only plays a role of protecting Pu hard foam but also plays a role in waterproofing. This fundamentally solves the quality problem of the most prominent roof penetration in the current housing construction. Traditional roof insulation materials are prone to absorbing water and absorbing moisture. The useful life of conventional waterproofing membranes is very short and must be regularly maintained.
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