The benefits of choosing polyurethane screens in the mining process



Polyurethane screens are used in many fields, such as mining mines, coal and other projects, polyurethane screens are used. When mining mines, choosing polyurethane screens has great benefits. The following Xiaobian will introduce you to the benefits of choosing polyurethane screens in the mining process.

1. Take measures to strictly control the coarse particle size and iron clamping phenomenon, and install polyurethane screens to extend the service life of the crusher.

The ore mined in the mine is irregular and has a large particle size, so it cannot be directly ground by a ball mill.In order to reduce the cost of the ball mill, the ore must be crushed to a later stage and then put into the ball mill for dissociation. The dissociation stage before the ball mill is the crushing stage of mineral processing. The general crushing process is: coarse breaking–> medium breaking–>screening, the lower part of the screen after screening–>Ball mill; the upper part of the screen after screening–>fine breaking–>Re-screening, this is the common three-stage closed-circuit crushing process.

For rough breaking, jaw crushers or rotary cone crushers are generally used. Before the raw ore is invested, it should generally be broken, and the particle size shall not exceed 650mm. In this way, in order to effectively control this particle size, a polyurethane screen (also known as a polyurethane screen) that meets the size of the crusher is installed at the crushing entrance for effective control.When the particle size is controlled, the bearing capacity of the jaw will be reduced, which can effectively protect the jaw plate and prevent the truck from breaking.

2. Increase the slope of the buffer warehouse and material transportation channel

The influencing factors of the coefficient of friction are generally: material properties, speed and temperature, load, vibration and finish and other factors. Among them, we can change the material and load. As long as we change the slope of the buffer compartment or material transportation channel, increase the inclination angle to reduce the forward pressure, the friction force is reduced in disguise, so that the wear of the metal wall can be reduced and the service life can be increased.This effect can be achieved by installing a polyurethane screen.

3. On the metal wall through which the material passes, nail a layer of polyurethane screen to increase the service life of the metal wall.

In the case where the buffer slope cannot be adjusted, in addition to increasing the hardness of the steel plate, we can nail a layer of 20mm-30mm thick polyurethane protective plate to the warehouse wall. According to the conclusion of the national authority: “Hardness has a greater impact on the coefficient of friction of polyurethane elastomers. Under normal circumstances, the lower the hardness, the higher the coefficient of friction.” The smoother the surface, the less friction.Because of the high hardness of iron ore, the polyurethane surface is smooth and elastic, which can effectively protect the buffer warehouse wall and reduce damage.