Reasons for the wide application of polyurethane screens



Polyurethane screens are one of the main products of our company. Polyurethane screens have good performance characteristics and are more and more widely used. The following Xiaobian will introduce to you the reasons why polyurethane screens are widely used.

1. The service life of polyurethane screens with high wear resistance is 3-10 times higher than that of metal wire screens, which improves the operation rate and increases economic benefits.

2. The unique structure, suitable elasticity and elasticity, can not only make the stuck material squeezed through the screen or escape from the screen, become a product under the screen or on the screen, but also make the fine-grained material unable to adhere due to the secondary high-frequency vibration of the screen strip.It significantly reduces the blocking of holes and cleans the surface of the product.The screening efficiency is improved.

3. Polyurethane screens effectively absorb impact, reduce noise, and improve the working environment.

4. Horizontal tensioning, light weight, good flexibility, easy installation and disassembly, easy transportation and storage.

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