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Urethane screen construction requirements

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Our company is a polyurethane screen supplying enterprise that integrates technology and sales functions. Our products are of high quality and reasonable price. They are favored and recognized by cust
Our company is a polyurethane screen supplying enterprise that integrates technology and sales functions. Our products are of high quality and reasonable price. They are favored and recognized by customers and won the trust of friends from all walks of life! Xiao Bian here briefly introduces the construction requirements for polyurethane screens.
1. The base surface is flat, clean, free from sand and loose.
2. Construction should be carried out on the basis of the first acceptance to ensure compliance with the requirements, first coating a primer, the primer must be uniform.
3. After the primer is cured, apply the brush for the second time. The direction of brushing must be perpendicular to the previous one to prevent scratching and brushing three to five times in sequence.
4. After the completion of the construction, the waterproof layer shall not be put on the person before being solidified, and the next process may not be carried out so as not to damage the waterproof layer.
Since the establishment of our company, we have always insisted on the service above all else, and effectively solved the problems and problems. The service concept of continuous, stable, balanced and win-win has provided customers with perfect and thoughtful service. We look forward to cooperating with you and let us together Create a better tomorrow!