Construction requirements of polyurethane screen



Our company is a polyurethane screen supply enterprise integrating technology and sales functions. The products it operates are of high quality and reasonable prices. They are favored and recognized by our customers, and have won the trust of friends from all walks of life!Here Xiaobian will briefly introduce the construction requirements of polyurethane screens for everyone.

1.The base surface is required to be flat, clean, without sand and loosening.

2.During construction, the base surface should be inspected first to ensure that it meets the requirements, and a layer of bottom glue should be applied first, and the bottom glue must be uniform.

3.After the base glue is cured, a second brushing is performed. The brushing direction must be perpendicular to the previous one to prevent leakage and scratching, and three to five times in succession.

4.After completion, the waterproof layer shall not be used by the master or the next process before it is cured, so as not to destroy the waterproof layer.

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