Storage of materials on the construction site of polyurethane board



Most of the materials on the polyurethane board construction site are stored in the open air, which is not the same as the storage method in the warehouse, but they should be reliable, complete and neat, and the management of accounts, cards, and objects should be strengthened.According to the different material properties, different storage measures are taken to reduce losses, prevent waste, facilitate sending and receiving, and facilitate construction.The following Xiaobian will introduce to you the storage of materials on the construction site of polyurethane board.

1. For the storage of steel, it should be stacked separately according to different steel numbers, furnace numbers, varieties, specifications, lengths and different technical indicators. The remaining materials that can be returned should also be stacked separately for easy use.All steel should be moisture-proof and acid-base-proof.The rusted steel should be stacked separately, and the rust should be removed in time and put into use as soon as possible.

2. For cement storage, it should be stacked separately according to different production plants, different varieties, different labels, and different factory dates. During the on-site storage period, attention must be paid to waterproof and moisture-proof.Adhere to the principle of first-in, first-out, bulk cement should be kept in tank-type seals, and mixing of different varieties and labels is strictly prohibited.

3. For the storage of wood, it should be stacked separately according to tree species, material types, specifications, grades, lengths, new and old. The site should be cleaned to remove all miscellaneous objects, and set up 4000!The above stacking base.There should be gaps left when stacking for ventilation; pay attention to fire prevention, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, moth-proof, and avoid cracking and warping due to exposure to the sun.

4. For the storage of sand and gravel, it should be stacked and stored at the site of use of the project or near the mixing station according to the construction plan, and the specifications and quantities shall be indicated according to the pile list.The ground should be flat and solid, and the sand and gravel should be piled into a square flat top to facilitate the inspection of the ruler and prevent sewage and liquid resin from leaching into the sand and gravel pile. Colored stones or white stones are generally shipped in woven bags. If they are used in bulk, they should be rinsed and used.

5. For the storage of petroleum asphalt, it should be stacked separately according to the variety and label. Petroleum asphalt is flammable and easy to age and deteriorate. It should be protected from wind, sun and rain.

6. The storage of reinforced concrete components shall be stacked in stages according to the location specified in the floor plan. The site should be flat and compacted, and placed as far as possible within the radius of gyration of the tower crane.When stacking, it is necessary to clarify the distribution of the main tendons and not reverse them.Stacking should not be too high, and the position of the upper and lower cushions should be vertically in the same position. 6 According to the specifications and models, combined with the construction sequence and progress, layered and segmented, the first used ones are piled on the rock wool board.

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