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Polyurethane board construction site material storage

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Polyurethane board construction site materials are mostly stored in the open air and are not stored in the same way as the warehouses. However, they should be safe, complete, and tidy, and the managem
Polyurethane board construction site materials are mostly stored in the open air and are not stored in the same way as the warehouses. However, they should be safe, complete, and tidy, and the management of accounts, cards, and materials should be strengthened. According to different material properties, different custodial measures are taken to reduce losses, prevent waste, facilitate transceiving, and facilitate construction. The following Xiao Bian will introduce you to the storage of polyurethane board construction site materials.
1. Steel storage should be stacked according to different steel number, furnace number, type specifications, length and different technical indicators. The surplus materials that can be returned should also be stacked in order to facilitate the use. All steel materials should be protected against moisture and acid and alkali corrosion. Corroded steels should be stacked separately and rust removed in time to be put into use as soon as possible.
2. The cement storage should be piled up according to different production plants, different varieties, different labels, and different ex-factory dates. During the on-site storage and release period, waterproof and moisture protection must be observed. Adhere to the principle of advanced use first, bulk cement should be kept in a tank seal, and mixing of different types and labels is strictly prohibited.
3, timber storage, should be according to tree species, wood species, specifications, grades, length, old and new were stacked, the site to be clean, remove all debris, and set 4000! The above squatting base. When stacking, there should be gaps for ventilation; pay attention to fire prevention, moisture proof, antisepsis, and anti-mite, avoid sun exposure and crack warping.
4. The storage of sand and gravel shall be stored and stored in the vicinity of the site where the project is used or near the mixing station according to the plan of construction, and the quantity shall be marked according to the pile and quotation. The ground should be smooth and solid, sand and gravel should be piled into a square flat top to facilitate the inspection of the ruler I to prevent sewage and liquid resin immersed in the sand pile, quail colored stones or white stones and other general woven bags shipped, if used in bulk, should Use after flushing.
5. The storage of petroleum asphalt should be stacked according to varieties and labels. Petroleum asphalt is flammable and susceptible to aging and deterioration. It should prevent wind, sun and rain.
6. The custody of reinforced concrete components shall be stacked in stages according to the position specified in the floor plan. The site shall be leveled and compacted as far as possible within the turret radius of the tower crane. When stacking, it is necessary to clarify the distribution of the main ribs and cannot reverse them. Stacking yards should not be excessive. The upper and lower mats shall be positioned vertically to the same position. 6 According to the specifications and models, the construction procedures shall be combined with the progress and stratified sections, and the used piles shall be stacked on the rock wool board.
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