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Polyurethane board raw materials

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Our company is a professional polyurethane board business company, always adhere to the belief of the supremacy of customers for the new and old customers, and to high-quality products and services ha

Our company is a professional polyurethane board business company, always adhere to the belief of the supremacy of customers for the new and old customers, and to high-quality products and services has won the praise of the majority of users, the following Xiaobian to everyone to introduce the selection of polyurethane board raw materials.

Polyether polyols have good resilience and low temperature flexibility, and also have good hydrolytic stability and mold resistance. There are numerous curing agent systems. Different formulation systems use different performance requirements. The selection of different systems depends not only on the performance requirements of the product but also on the price of the product.

Different polyol raw materials have different molecular structures and molecular weights, and the performance gaps between different polyols are very different. The environment and requirements for use are not the same, and each has unique characteristics and the best application range.

Polyester polyols are wear- and corrosion-resistant, have good oil resistance, high mechanical strength, and good aging resistance. With high quality of staff, advanced production equipment, scientific testing methods, reliable quality, and modern enterprise management model, our company has occupied a broad market and established its own brand. We sincerely welcome you to visit and negotiate business. Let us join hands in creating a better future.