About us

Yantai Fushun PU Products Co., Ltd., located in the cradle of PU industry—Yantai, is a professional manufacturer of PU screen, PU sieve plate and PU sheet, a private high-tech enterprise integrating research, production and sales of PU elastomer, and the strongest and largest manufacturer of PU screen in Shandong. Our company boasts domestic most advanced PU elastomer production equipment and a lot of professional technicians with many years of production experience, uses the best raw materials, mature technology and advanced formulation at home and abroad, and produces various PU elastomer products according to user needs. 

Application area

Construction requirements of polyurethane screen

Our company is a polyurethane screen supply enterprise integrating technology and sales functions. The products it operates are of high quality and reasonable prices. They are favored and recognized by our customers, and have won the trust of friends from all walks of life!Here Xiaobian will briefly introduce the construction requirements of polyurethane screens for everyone.


Reasons for the wide application of polyurethane screens

Polyurethane screens are one of the main products of our company. Polyurethane screens have good performance characteristics and are more and more widely used. The following Xiaobian will introduce to you the reasons why polyurethane screens are widely used.


Storage of materials on the construction site of polyurethane board

Most of the materials on the polyurethane board construction site are stored in the open air, which is not the same as the storage method in the warehouse, but they should be reliable, complete and neat, and the management of accounts, cards, and objects should be strengthened.According to the different material properties, different storage measures are taken to reduce losses, prevent waste, facilitate sending and receiving, and facilitate construction.The following Xiaobian will introduce to you the storage of materials on the construction site of polyurethane board.


Technical indicators of polyurethane screen plate

Polyurethane screen is a kind of mesh product produced from polyurethane as raw material. The following Xiaobian will introduce the technical indicators of polyurethane screen.